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Hand Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet Truck
BPT255 BPT256 BPT305 BPT306
Capacity (kg.) 2500 2500 3000 3000
Total Lift Height H2 (mm.) 193 183 193 183
Lowered Fork Heigh H1 (mm.) 85 75 85 75
Height of Handless H3 (mm.) 518 508 518 508
Fork Length L (mm.) 1150 1220 1150 1220
Width Over the Forks W (mm.) 550 685 550 685
Steering Wheel A (mm.) Ø 220 Ø 180 Ø 200 Ø 180
Fork Wheel B (mm.) Ø 80 Ø 74 Ø 80 Ø 74
Truck Weight (kg.) 80 85 80 85

* Specification is subject to change without notice.

Electric Pallet Truck

Electric Pallet Truck
Capacity (kg.) 2000
Center of Gravity (mm.) 600
Max. Lifting Height H1 (mm.) 205
Lowered Fork Height (mm.) 85
Fork Length L (mm.) 1100/1150/1220
Width Over the Forks W (mm.) 520/550/650/685
Turning Radius R (mm.) 1915/1965/2036
Travel Speed with Load (km./h.) 4.5
Travel Speed without Load (km./h.) 6.2
Net Weight (No Battery) (kg.) 360-400
Drive Wheel (mm.) 250
Fork Roller (mm.) 80
Battery Voltage (v) 24

* Specification is subject to change without notice.

Electric Pallet Truck
Electric Pallet Truck

Advantages :

- Side-way battery with roll-out system is very convenient to replace batteries (CBD20H).
- Emergency reversing device.
- The rubber platform and safety guides increase operator safety and reduce fatigue, and they can be folded away when not in use.
- Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads.
- Braking applies with handle upright and horizontal position.
- Emergency power disconnect. - Low speed switch in the handle.
- Stepless speed control.

- Spring-loaded cassions improve lateral on uneven floors and enhance truck performance and service life.
- One-piece heavy gauge steel is format for maximum strength forks.

- The back cover is easy to open, and convenient to repair and maintain.
- Low battery protection setting prolong the battery use time.
- CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity and increase reliability.
- Hall-effect throttle control eliminates wear components and requiring no mechanical adjustment.
- All pivot point have grease fitting and serviceable bushing, reducing component wear and extending component life.
- Plastic hydraulic reservoir provides quick and easy check of oil level.